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What sets us apart

  • Curriculum designed for overall development of a Child
  • Caring and Experienced Staff
  • Innovative Teaching Methodology
  • State-of-the art infrastructure
  • Daywise update through Mobile App
  • Development of Social Skills
  • Best Hygiene practices
  • Safe and Secured Environment

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About us

"Play is the real work of childhood". We picked up from these words of Fred Rogers and added to them our own vision of learning and thus Aiming North was born. We have developed an eco-system that encourages children to be themselves and play and explore at their own pace. Our vision is to combine learning with playing so that children can explore, innovate and achieve. Our curriculum and infrastructure are aligned with our vision so that the children get a comfortable atmosphere to learn, experiment, and grow.

We believe that parents and teachers both are responsible for the holistic growth of children and hence see teaching as a collaboration between the parents and the school so that the children get the conducive environment to learn good habits that would go into making them complete human beings. With a joyful and healthy learning environment, the children can try new things and enjoy a sense of achievement.

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